Can't play those old LP's or tapes any more?
Do you wish you could listen to them in your car?
Do you want to make copies of valuable recordings?

  • We will physically clean the recording to remove the dirt and fingerprints.
  • Transfer the recording and run it through our processor to remove the noise.
  • Design a custom jewel case label and CD label.
  • Burn the tracks onto a CD and print the label directly onto the CD (not a stick-on label).

We can transfer 33, 45 and 78 records and cassette tapes.
All of this for $2.00 per track and $5.00 per CD.

Leave Originals at:
May's Music Shoppe
247 E Jefferson St.
Butler, PA

Phil Braho  724-822-0325  724-285-1594

Phone: 724 285-1594
Fax: 724 285-1594

712 Herman Rd.
Butler, PA 16002